Monday, 8 June 2015

Show Season 2015/2016 has started!

On Sunday we went to our first show of the 2015/16 show Season at the Merseyside Cat Club Show in St. Helens. It was quite a small show as the show the previous week had been popular and with the GCCF rule of having a 13 day break between shows it made for a quieter show than the ones we have been to before.

The show hall was quite large, there were craft stalls as well as the usual cat related stalls which was nice to see. There were also places to sit, a bonus to the fewer cats which were showing there as there was space for tables/chairs to sit at. At this show, they have a "Best in Show Kitten" so that was really good and meant there were more kittens than you sometimes get at GCCF shows.

Monty and Deeks were their usual chilled out selves when we got them settled into their pens. We left them for the judging  and went for a coffee and breakfast. We  came back to some great results:

Noynarock Winter Valentine (Deeks)
Breed Class- 2nd.
Side classes- 2nd & 3rd.

Noynarock Scombrini (Monty)
Breed Class - 1st & BOB.
Side classes - 1st & 1st. and....

As he got BOV that meant he could go forward to the BIS kitten judging. There were 7 kittens in this and it was very close between the final 3. Monty just missed out by a whisker but came 2nd. Yes, the 2nd best kitten in the whole show. I am a proud cat mummy! I was very excited and streased while we were watching them judged him but it was really lovely seeing him being admired, and the crowd all "awww-ing" at home when they took him out of his carrier. We All went home smiling and really pleased.

I have packed my computer up as we are moving on the 18th June, so I am going to try my best to blog using my phone for now, which is broken so it's going to be fun! I can't figure out how to add my photos on my phone either so this may well be added later!

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