Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bedford District Cat Club Show / Cambridgeshire Cat Club Show, 25th April 2015

Yesterday was the joint show between the Bedford District Cat Club and the Cambridgeshire Cat Club. It is the furthest we have traveled for a cat show and I think it was worth the drive because it was a lovely venue and I met some lovely people. The show was held at the Wood Greens Animal Shelter, they have a huge hall for shows, all sorts of shows, cats, antiques, weddings. Theres also a rehoming centre of cats, dogs and ferrets and they have pigs, horses, chickens, sheep, donkeys and possibly more that we didnt get to see.

We set off from our home at 5.30am and arrived at 8am, it was already quite busy but was to get much busier! Settled the kittens down for judging and went for breakfast and a coffee. When we came back we were pleased to find out the Breed Class results which were:

Noynarock Scombrini (Monty) 1st and BOB!
Noynarock Winter Valentine (Deeks) 2nd.

Noynarock Winter Valentine (Deeks) 1st and BOB!!!
Noynarock Scombrini (Monty) 2nd.

So our boys managed to get Best of Breed each! This is Deeks' first 1st and first BOB, we are so pleased for them both. Deeks also got a 2nd and 1st in his side classes, which was amazing too. Monty sadly didnt get a top 3 place for his side classes, which I was disappointed about at the time, but now Im so pleased that they both got BOB that the side classes dont really matter. Its so funny when it comes to judges personal preferences, usually Monty gets all the glory and Deeks goes into the background a bit, but this time Deeks did well and Monty didnt do as well. Its all down to personal tastes of judges and their take on the breeds standard of points. Onto the next one!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Where'd I go?

Its been a hectic few weeks for me, one thing or another, but here I am. I really want to either expand this blog to include more of my life, or just start a new blog entirely. I cant decide which is best for me. I only have the 17 blog posts on here, so it wouldnt be too difficult to include more things, but I wouldnt want to change the name of it as I have a few followers already.

In other kitten related news, we have a show on Saturday, the Bedford/Camcat show in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. Im looking forward to it as we have a babysitter which makes it easier to concentrate on the cats and have a wander round, look at all the other cute cats at the show. Its a 2.5/3 hour journey, but it was the closest one, I didnt want to wait for the next show in June, I wanted to do another show sooner. Its funny, once you come home from a show, and you are sat at home with the cats as normal, you get the urge to do another show asap. Its a weird feeling, but you just want to enjoy the atmosphere, possibly win something and feel a sense of achievement again. Its definately addictive!

If I have a 2nd blog I will certainly have it as a 'sister' blog to this one and try and use this one for cats and the other for 'lifestyle' stuff. I'm thinking thats the way to go, I will have a brainstorm and think it through for the next few days and decide! I will not be getting rid of MCTP, I will either expand or have a 2nd blog :)

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Top 5 Cat April Fool's Day Pranks From The Web

Yesterday was April Fool's Day and its now common-place to see companies and newspapers online trying to trick us on April 1st each year. It would appear I am quite gullable when it comes to these things and I did get caught out by a few things!

Here are some of the cat-friendly hoaxes from yesterday that I've come across:

1. The Voltron Cat Condo
A robot that your cats can sleep and play on, seems like a great idea for the 'geeky' cat lover in all of us.

2. Cat Chauffers from Grouber:

"Cats will be able to stare at over 13,000 fish in the Cat Aquarium"

The exterior is made from cardboard so your cats can scratch away to their hearts content, without ruining the upholstery! This one actually seems a really good idea!

5. Tablet browser for cats:

So there you have it, 5 of the best cat-related jokes from April Fool's Day! Did you get pranked? What happened? Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook/Twitter page!

Images by Freepik