Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Where'd I go?

Its been a hectic few weeks for me, one thing or another, but here I am. I really want to either expand this blog to include more of my life, or just start a new blog entirely. I cant decide which is best for me. I only have the 17 blog posts on here, so it wouldnt be too difficult to include more things, but I wouldnt want to change the name of it as I have a few followers already.

In other kitten related news, we have a show on Saturday, the Bedford/Camcat show in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. Im looking forward to it as we have a babysitter which makes it easier to concentrate on the cats and have a wander round, look at all the other cute cats at the show. Its a 2.5/3 hour journey, but it was the closest one, I didnt want to wait for the next show in June, I wanted to do another show sooner. Its funny, once you come home from a show, and you are sat at home with the cats as normal, you get the urge to do another show asap. Its a weird feeling, but you just want to enjoy the atmosphere, possibly win something and feel a sense of achievement again. Its definately addictive!

If I have a 2nd blog I will certainly have it as a 'sister' blog to this one and try and use this one for cats and the other for 'lifestyle' stuff. I'm thinking thats the way to go, I will have a brainstorm and think it through for the next few days and decide! I will not be getting rid of MCTP, I will either expand or have a 2nd blog :)

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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