Thursday, 2 April 2015

Top 5 Cat April Fool's Day Pranks From The Web

Yesterday was April Fool's Day and its now common-place to see companies and newspapers online trying to trick us on April 1st each year. It would appear I am quite gullable when it comes to these things and I did get caught out by a few things!

Here are some of the cat-friendly hoaxes from yesterday that I've come across:

1. The Voltron Cat Condo
A robot that your cats can sleep and play on, seems like a great idea for the 'geeky' cat lover in all of us.

2. Cat Chauffers from Grouber:

"Cats will be able to stare at over 13,000 fish in the Cat Aquarium"

The exterior is made from cardboard so your cats can scratch away to their hearts content, without ruining the upholstery! This one actually seems a really good idea!

5. Tablet browser for cats:

So there you have it, 5 of the best cat-related jokes from April Fool's Day! Did you get pranked? What happened? Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook/Twitter page!

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