Monday, 23 February 2015

Kittens and adult cats, will they get along?

The kittens, Monty and Deeks, are settling in so well. They are loving having cuddles, sleeping on people is their latest development, they have realised we are warm and comfortable! They seem really happy and content living with us.
The 2 adult cats, Victor and Phoebe, are staying away from them for the most part. Victor has met the kittens and has been running away from them *scary kittens ahh!* but yesterday and this morning he had a sniff with Monty and didnt complain, he even did his friendly "Meow-ow" when he first saw Monty yesterday, so he is improving. Phoebe, is just ignoring them and spends most of the time either outside or sleeping on our bed. They are both happy enough, and Im sure once they both realise the kittens are not going anywhere they will just get on with it. Victor has lived with younger cats before and, eventually, accepted them and loved them.

On Wednesday, I am planning on kitten-proofing the kitchen and our bedroom so that they can explore some more rooms in the house, they are growing fast though so the smaller gaps that I was worried about when they first got here, I doubt they would fit into now! Monty is growing really fast, and seems to be growing more fluff, if thats possible!

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Lancashire Cat Club Show and Kitten Update

On the 14th of March is the Lancashire Cat Club Show in Preston, Lancashire. We sent the entry forms off the day we picked the kittens up, and we got the confirmation last week that we are officially entered in our first ever show. It really is exciting.

I have never shown a cat before, and the first show I ever went to was on 7th February and it was in Stoke-on-Trent. It was the Shropshire and Gwynedd join Show and it was really busy. We met our kittens breeder there, completely by accident, and she had 3 cats entered in the show. We also met a few other Noynarock cats at the show when walking round the Norwegian Forest Cat section, and they have a bit of a reputation for being a bit naughty apparently. Im not sure if they were just judging the cat they were next too but he had tipped his food and litter everywhere, and he was indeed a  Noynarock cat!

Im really excited to take the boys, Monty and Deeks, to their first show and I hope they can win something, but I will still be happy if they dont as they are my winners! They are really coming out of their shells now and their personalities are shining through.

Monty hadnt really been a lap cat, or wanted stroking at all, until last night when he jumped onto the sofa. My husband started stroking him and he sort of realised that these humans arent all bad, they feed me and this stroking thing makes me purr and I love it! So now he follows you round wanting to be petted and stroked! And then falls asleep on you, bless him. Deeks has been a lover of being stroked for a few days longer than Monty, he likes to roll onto his back and fall asleep with his paws out. He looks very cute!

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Amy x

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Introducing Monty and Deeks

Monty and Deeks
Monty top. Deeks bottom.

DOB: 18th November 2014
Breed: Norwegian Forest Cats
Colour: Monty - Brown classic tabby with white, Deeks - Brown mackerel tabby
Joined our family: 10th February 2015, aged 12 weeks,
How we got them: We decided we wanted to get a new family cat, and I had been interested in cat shows for a while and fallen in love with Norwegian Forest cats. So we did some reasearch and found Linda from Noynarock and she had 10 kittens, from 2 litters but only had 2 left. So we went to visit them and fell in love. We didnt want to seperate the 2 boys, so we decided we would take them both!
Nicknames: Monty Moo, Deeksy Doo, Elfy (Deeks).
Favourite things: playing with straws, play fighting with each other, cuddling up and sleeping.
Favourite Food: Deeks - any fish, Monty - liver/turkey
Quirks: Deeks hasnt yet grown into his back legs, so he walks round like he is wearing elf shoes. Monty likes to kick his blanket until he is suitably cover up by it in his bed.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Introducing Phoebe...

Phoebe "Fluffy-Bum"

DOB: 20th June 2009 (5)
Breed: Short haired moggie
Colour: Tortoiseshell
Joined our family: October 2013
How we got her: We decided we wanted a 2nd adult cat and we wanted a girl, so we looked on facebook and quickly found 3 cats that needed rehoming, one of them being Phoebe. The family couldnt keep her as their little boy was allergic, so we gladly took her in.
Nicknames: Fuzz Butt, Toothless (she has no top fangs), Feebz, Fifi, FB.
Favourite things: Being at the very top of the cat tree, eating, winge-ing!
Favourite Food: anything!
Quirks: She has been missing her top 2 fangs from birth, she looks like Tooth-less the dragon from 'How to Train your Dragon', she will eat a whole mouse, leaving just intestines and kidneys!


Introducing Victor

I thought I would give each of the kitties a post of their own to be introduced to the internet! Im going in age order, starting with...

Victor Monkey 

This is his first photo, in the car on the way home.

5th April 2008 (6)
Breed: Short haired moggie
Colour: Grey mackrel tabby.
Joined our family: 25th June 2008. 11.5 weeks old.
How we got him: I was searching for a kitten and I wanted to adopt one, so I scoured the internet and found him on, a website for getting rid of 'pre-loved' items from sofas to pets. The lady who had him, had an adult cat who Victor was annoying and they just could not get on. I dont know what age she had him from but he was only 11.5 weeks old when I went to collect him, so they cant have tried very long to look after him. So my sister and I drove to Huddersfield and my sister sat Victor on her knee all the way home. We stopped to get him a drink, I took the photo above :) He is the first cat I ever had, he still rules the roost here, and he will always be my tiny little kitten.
Nicknames: Vick-Vick, Britvic, Stripey.
Favourite things: Playing outside, sleeping on the bed (in the way), cleaning himself and /or other cats and people, hunting.
Favourite Food: peas, tomatoes, bolognese sauce.
Quirks: Meowing if his food bowl is showing through biscuits until you shake them back together. Annoying or cute?! He also answers you if you say "Meow-ow" to him.

And now, the all important Photo spam...


Next time... Phoebe "Fluffy-Bum".

Thursday, 12 February 2015


Welcome to my blog, 'More Cats Than People'. Thanks for joining my new little place on the web for the tale (or tail!) of our little world of 3 people and 4 cats sharing our lives in a little place just outside Sheffield, UK. Over the next few posts I will introduce us all and share loads of photos of the feline foursome!

So what is this blog about?
I wanted a place to share the story of my kittens growing up, they are 12 weeks old and we have only just picked them up on the 10th Feb so I decided to make a blog. I then realised I could make this blog a better place than just photo of my kittens, as fun as that would be, by adding other things that my fellow cat people would enjoy reading. I have a few post ideas in the works, the first few being an intro to the cats I have and a review of some cat products, including Nature's Menu raw cat food which is being delivered on 18th Feb.

I hope people find this blog useful and enjoy reading!
Images by Freepik