Thursday, 12 February 2015


Welcome to my blog, 'More Cats Than People'. Thanks for joining my new little place on the web for the tale (or tail!) of our little world of 3 people and 4 cats sharing our lives in a little place just outside Sheffield, UK. Over the next few posts I will introduce us all and share loads of photos of the feline foursome!

So what is this blog about?
I wanted a place to share the story of my kittens growing up, they are 12 weeks old and we have only just picked them up on the 10th Feb so I decided to make a blog. I then realised I could make this blog a better place than just photo of my kittens, as fun as that would be, by adding other things that my fellow cat people would enjoy reading. I have a few post ideas in the works, the first few being an intro to the cats I have and a review of some cat products, including Nature's Menu raw cat food which is being delivered on 18th Feb.

I hope people find this blog useful and enjoy reading!

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