Friday, 20 February 2015

Lancashire Cat Club Show and Kitten Update

On the 14th of March is the Lancashire Cat Club Show in Preston, Lancashire. We sent the entry forms off the day we picked the kittens up, and we got the confirmation last week that we are officially entered in our first ever show. It really is exciting.

I have never shown a cat before, and the first show I ever went to was on 7th February and it was in Stoke-on-Trent. It was the Shropshire and Gwynedd join Show and it was really busy. We met our kittens breeder there, completely by accident, and she had 3 cats entered in the show. We also met a few other Noynarock cats at the show when walking round the Norwegian Forest Cat section, and they have a bit of a reputation for being a bit naughty apparently. Im not sure if they were just judging the cat they were next too but he had tipped his food and litter everywhere, and he was indeed a  Noynarock cat!

Im really excited to take the boys, Monty and Deeks, to their first show and I hope they can win something, but I will still be happy if they dont as they are my winners! They are really coming out of their shells now and their personalities are shining through.

Monty hadnt really been a lap cat, or wanted stroking at all, until last night when he jumped onto the sofa. My husband started stroking him and he sort of realised that these humans arent all bad, they feed me and this stroking thing makes me purr and I love it! So now he follows you round wanting to be petted and stroked! And then falls asleep on you, bless him. Deeks has been a lover of being stroked for a few days longer than Monty, he likes to roll onto his back and fall asleep with his paws out. He looks very cute!

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Thanks so much

Amy x

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