Thursday, 19 February 2015

Introducing Monty and Deeks

Monty and Deeks
Monty top. Deeks bottom.

DOB: 18th November 2014
Breed: Norwegian Forest Cats
Colour: Monty - Brown classic tabby with white, Deeks - Brown mackerel tabby
Joined our family: 10th February 2015, aged 12 weeks,
How we got them: We decided we wanted to get a new family cat, and I had been interested in cat shows for a while and fallen in love with Norwegian Forest cats. So we did some reasearch and found Linda from Noynarock and she had 10 kittens, from 2 litters but only had 2 left. So we went to visit them and fell in love. We didnt want to seperate the 2 boys, so we decided we would take them both!
Nicknames: Monty Moo, Deeksy Doo, Elfy (Deeks).
Favourite things: playing with straws, play fighting with each other, cuddling up and sleeping.
Favourite Food: Deeks - any fish, Monty - liver/turkey
Quirks: Deeks hasnt yet grown into his back legs, so he walks round like he is wearing elf shoes. Monty likes to kick his blanket until he is suitably cover up by it in his bed.


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