Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Introducing Victor

I thought I would give each of the kitties a post of their own to be introduced to the internet! Im going in age order, starting with...

Victor Monkey 

This is his first photo, in the car on the way home.

5th April 2008 (6)
Breed: Short haired moggie
Colour: Grey mackrel tabby.
Joined our family: 25th June 2008. 11.5 weeks old.
How we got him: I was searching for a kitten and I wanted to adopt one, so I scoured the internet and found him on, a website for getting rid of 'pre-loved' items from sofas to pets. The lady who had him, had an adult cat who Victor was annoying and they just could not get on. I dont know what age she had him from but he was only 11.5 weeks old when I went to collect him, so they cant have tried very long to look after him. So my sister and I drove to Huddersfield and my sister sat Victor on her knee all the way home. We stopped to get him a drink, I took the photo above :) He is the first cat I ever had, he still rules the roost here, and he will always be my tiny little kitten.
Nicknames: Vick-Vick, Britvic, Stripey.
Favourite things: Playing outside, sleeping on the bed (in the way), cleaning himself and /or other cats and people, hunting.
Favourite Food: peas, tomatoes, bolognese sauce.
Quirks: Meowing if his food bowl is showing through biscuits until you shake them back together. Annoying or cute?! He also answers you if you say "Meow-ow" to him.

And now, the all important Photo spam...


Next time... Phoebe "Fluffy-Bum".

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