Monday, 23 February 2015

Kittens and adult cats, will they get along?

The kittens, Monty and Deeks, are settling in so well. They are loving having cuddles, sleeping on people is their latest development, they have realised we are warm and comfortable! They seem really happy and content living with us.
The 2 adult cats, Victor and Phoebe, are staying away from them for the most part. Victor has met the kittens and has been running away from them *scary kittens ahh!* but yesterday and this morning he had a sniff with Monty and didnt complain, he even did his friendly "Meow-ow" when he first saw Monty yesterday, so he is improving. Phoebe, is just ignoring them and spends most of the time either outside or sleeping on our bed. They are both happy enough, and Im sure once they both realise the kittens are not going anywhere they will just get on with it. Victor has lived with younger cats before and, eventually, accepted them and loved them.

On Wednesday, I am planning on kitten-proofing the kitchen and our bedroom so that they can explore some more rooms in the house, they are growing fast though so the smaller gaps that I was worried about when they first got here, I doubt they would fit into now! Monty is growing really fast, and seems to be growing more fluff, if thats possible!

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