Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Cat Breeds I would Love To Own

I was reading the schedule for an upcoming cat show and discovered a cat breed I had not heard of before. The class was "A.C. Norwegian, Siberian or Nebelung Kitten". I had to google the Nebelung cat and they are beautiful! I have definately added this cat to the cat breeds I would love to own list.

There has been a 'nominate' thing going round facebook, probably just around the 'cat people' of facebook, which is. 'List 5 cat breeds you'd like to own and havent' and then nominate however many people to do the same. I actually havent done it yet, but I have been thinking about it and now I have this new breed to add! So... my top 5 breeds I'd love to own....

1. Maine Coon
They are very similar to my beloved NFC's, they get a bit bigger than NFC's and they havent slight differences in their face profile and head shape. I love big cats, so these have to be first on my list! Image from

2. Nebelung
Here's the Nebelung that I mentioned, I have to research more about them, they don't get very big, but they are bigger than a standard cat. They have green or yellow eyes and have long fur, long legs and a long body.
Image from

3. Bengal
This is one of the first breeds I fell in love with. What's not to love? They have such beautiful markings and huge personality. 
Image from

4. Siberian
This is another fluffy large cat, more rounded than a NFC or MC. They originated from Russia and have loving, active personalities.

5. Ragdoll
Yes, another big fluffy cat, I just love them! Ragdoll's are known for going 'floppy' like a doll when held. They have big heads and are solid but have a gentle nature.
Image from

I know they are all very similar cats, apart from the Bengal, but I would love one day to own one of each, I can dream! My true love though is Norwegian Forest Cats, and I can see me owning more of those too in the future.

What are your dream cat breeds that you'd love to own? Let me know in the comments or on the facebook page.


  1. I think Bengals are my favourite! We have a Bengal (totally crazy cat!) and a Ragdoll. Love siamese and the siamese/ragdoll cross cats (thats what we've always had before now) I would love to own a Savannah Cat...not sure about having to walk it though!!! Jody :)

  2. Nebelungs are freakingly awesome.. they are all so very very sweet and the few that I have met are just the right amount of needy.. :)


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