Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lancashire Cat Club Show, 14th March 2015.

I was meant to get this post done for Sunday but its been my birthday so I have had a busy few days, but finally here it is!

Saturday was Monty and Deeks' first ever cat show. We attended the Lancashire Cat club Show in Wigan which we entered in February with the help of the kittens breeder Linda Grant of Noynarock.
We got things ready to go the night before and set the alarm for 5am! I kept waking up all night every 2 hours or so because I was worried I would sleep through the alarm! We got up, put the kittens into their carrier and put them in the back seat of the car. Deeks was meowing his head off for the first 10 minutes but then settled down and they both curled up and went to sleep. It's an hour from our house to Wigan  so we set off at 6.30 and arrived at 7.30.

There was already a few other people and cats at the venue when we arrived so we got the cats out of the car and went to queue up for vetting in. The vet we saw was lovely and gave both kittens a kiss and cuddle after she had checked them. They have to be checked for any signs of illness, ear mites or fleas or anything that could be passed to other cats at the show. Once we had the vets 'ok' to enter the show we went to our pens, numbers 99 and 100. Got the kitties all settled in their pens, gave them breakfast and went for a coffee. We met some other people with Noynarock kittens and adult cats, there are quite a few Norwegian forest Cats from the Noynarock breeding.  We went back to the kittens, took out their food and toys and left them for the judging to take place. You can't be in the hall for the judging of the breed classes so it is closed to 'exhibitors' from 10-12.

We went for an early lunch and returned at 12 to see the kittens and check the result:
Monty: Breed Class 1st place!
Deeks: Breed Class 2nd place!


The other classes are called 'miscellaneous' classes and the judging for those takes place after 12 when the hall is open to exhibitors and visitors, so the results for the other classes trickle in over the afternoon. The kittens were both so happy sat in their pens and Deeks especially loved the attention from the visitors, he was definately the 'people's choice' as they walked past him and coo-ed and aww-ed at him. Monty was just taking it all in and had a snooze for most of the afternoon. The results for the other classes were:

A.V.  S. L. H. Non Breeders Kitten - Deeks 4th.
A.V.  S. L. H. Debutante Kitten - Deeks 2nd.
A.V.  S. L. H. Novice Kitten - Monty 2nd.
A.V.  S. L. H. Maiden Kitten - Deeks 3rd
A.C. Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Kitten - Monty 3rd.
A.V.  S. L. H. Kitten (Club Class) - Monty 3rd,

So all in all, it was a very amazing and proud first show for both me and the kittens. The show closed at 5pm and we were all very tired and couldnt wait to get our feet up. When the kittens were home and had their tea then they were so giddy and running around like a pair of wildebeasts! Being cooped up all day meant they had alot of extra energy, whereas I fell asleep really early whilst watching TV!

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