Thursday, 12 March 2015

What makes a Norwegian Forest Cat different?

If you've read any more of my blog posts you will know that our two newest recruits are Norwegian Forest Cat kittens. They are 16 weeks old now and are getting the trademark ruff and fluffy tail that Norwegians are famous for. So what else sets them apart from other cats? Here is Grand Premier Noynarock Milliemop (aka Millie) showing off some of her features. You can find out more about her on her facebook page. Thanks to her Mum (Charlotte) for taking the photo and letting me use it!

They are really beautiful cats, and their temperament makes them even more appealing. Our boys love nothing more than curling up on your knee, or chest, and going to sleep. They will purr away for half an hour after you have stopped stroking them, they really are lovers of people.

Thanks for reading, please share this post if you can to spread the word on how amazing these beautiful cats are!

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