Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Shiny New Layout and another kitten update...

Ive finally found a blog layout that I'm enjoying looking at and working on, its based on a layout from bloggercandy.com so thanks so much! I especially love the little kitten Ive made for my header on here. Not sure about the yellow but hopefully I will get used to that. I really like my font I found on 'dafont', its called 'Always in My Heart' which is quite apt for me at the moment.

In kitten news, they are growing so fast! It wont be long till Monty is bigger than Phoebe, and she knows it, so she is hissing and growling at them whenever she gets the chance. Victor is slowly getting more used to sharing me and the home with the two babies, he has taken a swing at Deeks a couple of times, but I know he is calming down and maybe even starting to -like... no- cope with them being around.

I couldnt sleep last night and ended up lying down on the sofa, well, the kittens loved that and were purring away, cuddling into me and being so loving. These kittens are definately going to grow to be gentle giants, they are so sweet and they really love to cuddle. Monty especially loves to cuddle into your face and love you. Deeks gets hot quite quickly so he prefers to give you a quick lick and then settle down and lie down next to you and curl up into your leg.

Thanks for reading this little update, its only a quick one as its teatime here. Thanks for following me on instagram (morecatsthanpeople) and liking the facebook page (facebook.com/morecatsthanpeople).

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